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Amplifier Repair

Out of warranty and Certified Electronic Warranty Repair for Fender, Gretsch, Jackson, EVH, Laney, and more on site by Jeep. 

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Electronic Repair

Amp cutting out? Been awhile since you replaced tubes? Effect pedal won't turn on? Whether under warranty or not, we service amplifiers in-house with a full service electronic repair bench. Jeep is a fully authorized Warranty Repair Tech on hand for Mesa Boogie, Fender, Vox, Marshall Amplifiers, SWR, Laney, Randall, Eden, Warwick and more.

Parts Parts Parts

We keep a great selection of parts on hand to minimize repair turnaround time. Tubes, Input Jacks, Fuses, Potentiometers, Tuning Machines, Nut and Saddle Blanks, Pickups and much more always on hand! Plus, you'll save any shipping you would have paid if you bought the part online.