Pre-Owned 1930 Martin 0-18


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1930 Martin 0-18

This guitar is CLEAN! All we had to do to this was polish it up a bit and put strings on it, other than that, this guitar was ready to go when it got here. It was a quick favorite among the staff here. The first thing you notice is how big it sounds! Chords in any position sound huge. Single notes are articulate and harmonically rich. This is by far the finest example of an early 20th century guitar we've ever seen. Read more below. 

Condition: Immaculate inside. Bridge plate is in astonishingly good condition for a 90 year old guitar. Has not had a neck reset, doesn't need it either.

Someone appears to have lightly french polished over the original finish on the top. This coating of shellac is wearing through in a few areas. Other than that, everything looks to be original. This guitar has typical finish wear and dings that one would expect for a 90 year old guitar, but overall, it's in remarkably good condition for its age.

Comes with a TKL Case.

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