Breedlove Studio Series

Breedlove Custom Sound Studio Auditorium, Sinker Redwood top, Cocobolo back/sides


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A gorgeous guitar, this custom Breedlove is in on consignment. The cocobolo back and sides always form a unique pattern, so you're sure to get a one of a kind guitar that sounds incredible!

Breedlove Custom Build Auditorium

Body: Auditorium w/ Soft Cutaway
Top: Sinker Redwood Top
Back and Sides: Cocobolo Back and sides
Fretboard: Ebony Fingerboard 
Binding: Bloodwood Binding
Inlay: Masterclass Leaves inlay

Auditorium Body Shape: The Breedlove Auditorium is the sonic mid-point between our Concert and Jumbo body shapes. Its depth and lower bout combined with its upper body cutaway produce the articulation of the Concert, with tonal depth reminiscent of the larger-bodied Jumbo. An extremely versatile instrument, the Auditorium casts a nod into dreadnought territory while also accommodating alternate tunings, fingerstyle and bold strumming.

Sinker Redwood Top: Redwood is a dark, beautiful top wood favored by fingerstyle players who appreciate clear upper harmonic content. Sinker redwood is a special type of redwood that comes from logs that were submerged in oxygen-free environments in the bottom of lakes or ocean waters, yielding darker, more striped, and often stiffer and lighter wood.

Cocobolo Back and Sides: Provides well-balanced tone with power, sustain and volume. Responsive, with clear, slow-decaying harmonics and a well-articulated and complex low end. Similar to Brazilian rosewood with a little less bass and more pronounced treble.

Custom Elements: Abalone rosette.