Boss TU-3W Waza Craft Chromatic Tuner


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TU-3W Waza Craft Tuner

 For years pros across the world have relied on the Boss TU series of pedal tuners to ensure that their message isn't obscured by tuning issues.  Now Boss is back with the latest evolution, the TU-3W Waza Craft Tuner.  This pedal brings all the accuracy of the TU-2 and TU-3, but puts them in a high quality Waza Craft package for high quality audio transfer. 

 The TU-3W changes up the buffer circuitry for a clearer, cleaner bypass sound when using long cable runs, but it also features switchable True Bypass switching for compatibility with modern pedalboard setups.  None of this compromises the classic Boss tuning accuracy, as the TU-3W packs the same +/- 1 cent accuracy from the TU-3 into its stylish black case.  Finally, the TU-3W supports both 9V battery power as well as a standard 9V DC external power supply like the Roland PSA-120 (sold separately), and it even has a courtesy 9V output on the back so that you can use the TU-3W to power multiple other pedals via only one 9V power supply (using a daisy chain cable).  If you're looking for the latest in high quality tuners from Boss, the TU-3W is it!

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