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Gil Divine on Divine Noise...  

Hello, my name is Gil Divine - yes, Divine, is my birth name. I never intended to work on guitars and amps as a career… it just happened that way. When I was a musician living in Oakland California in the early 90’s, couldn’t afford to take my guitars to a shop, and so I did an apprenticeship to become a luthier. One thing led to another and I became a guitar tech for bands. Over the past decade I have traveled the world as the touring guitar tech for Yo La Tengo, Lucinda Williams, The White Stripes, Cat Power, Super Furry Animals ... And you will know us by the trail of dead, ad nauseum.

Since the beginning of this endeavor I have grown tired of seeing people getting fleeced by ‘high-end’ cable companies gimmicks and hype. I have myself witnessed brand new, right out of the box ‘high end’ cables fail. When I’m on the road with an artist the worst thing that could possibly happen is a cable failure. It stops the show. Period. Night after night the artists that use my cables do so with confidence, knowing that they will not fail or break leaves them able to focus on their music. That is my word and I stand behind it 100%.

Because I am such a control freak, I hand solder every cable. At the end of the day it is my name on these cables, so I put them together with the same exacting commitment to creating first-rate products. Every cable is carefully inspected, tested with a multimeter for capacitance, resistance, and finally, each cable is tested with my guitar through my amp to make sure you get the best tone possible.

I offer a lifetime warranty on all of my cables. Cables will always fail at the least opportune moments and that's why I build my cables NOT to fail. If your cable stops working for any reason (other than abuse), I will replace it for free. If the cable is abused, I will repair it for the cost of parts, so go ahead and give my cables your worst…good luck on breaking them!!