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Pre-Owned '67 Fender Dual Showman Silverface Head


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USED late 1967 Fender Dual Showman Head

Silver face plate. S/N: A11734

Brand new matched Quad of JJ 6L6 installed and BIAS on October 17th, 2020.

Tolex scuffed, grill clean. No ears. 1967 choke, 1967 OT. Drip Edge and 'black line' making it a '67 and one of the earlier drip edge Silverface amps made during the transition.

We installed a 3 prong power, serviced caps under doghouse, the V1 plate load resister, 2 of the tube retainer clips, resister in feedback resistor, and touched up some solder joints.

No footswitch included.

Sounds great looks really good for it's age.

Type: Guitar Amps

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