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Pre-Owned Victoria Regal II


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This amp is at Five Star Guitars on consignment, as a result all sales are final.

The amp has a few scuffs and scratches but nothing major.

Huge, Warm, Luscious, Classy, and more Versatile than most amps you've seen.

This is one of the cooler sounding twists on a classic tweed amp we've had in here. 

This Victoria Regal 2 cabinet is a solid pine "TV front" with the lacquered tweed upgrade for all the vintage vibes. The amp features variable-output Class A, cathode-biasing, a dual single-ended amp, with Reverb and Tremolo. The stock tube selection is a 5U4GB, a pair of 5881s, three 12AX7Cs, and a 12AT7 for driving the reverb tank. The speaker is a Weber 15″ Alnico Classic and despite common challenges with many 15" speakers, the attack is far from slow on this bad boy. Verb goes from subtle and roomy to soaked and surfy, the trem from transparent to square.

Made for endless tone-chasers, this amp can switch, mix and match tubes to your heart's content for an insane amount of possibilities.

If you swap the 5881s for a pair of 6L6s you can easily exchange that fat grit for greater headroom...or a pair of EL34s to giveyou a bit of classic British tightness, but with more low-end response at higher volumes. With 6V6s, the amp again will go to some earlier Fender sounds with lower headroom, more mids, and more compression. Try the various mismatched combos of 6L6, 5881, EL34, and 6V6s for crazy layers loaded with options for whatever direction you feel like going with the ease of changing a light bulb.

This guitar is at Five Star Guitars on consignment, as a result all sales are final.

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