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Mr. Black FwonkBeta Purple Funk Generator


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FwonkBeta Purple Funk Generator


The FwonkBeta is the funkiest auto-wah/envelope filter on the planet, and brings that stank when nothing else gets it done.  The mysteriously named Stroke, Fwonk, and Juice controls are sure to provide that low end power that you need  to thoroughly funkify your tone.  This is one pedal where you'll always be sure if it's on or not.  The Stroke control adjusts the input sensitivity of the filter, while the Fwonk rolls in the bass and the Juice changes the filter's peak height. 

By adjusting these controls and feeling it out you can provide all manner of the funkiest, nastiest, thwompiest guitar and bass tones out there.  It's like the scum off of Bootsy Collins' heels: FUNKY!  Get your Fwonk on today with the FwonkBeta Purple Funk Generator!

Made right here in Portland, OR!


Type: Effects

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