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3 - B u t t o n  A u x  S w i t c h b o x

The Triple Switch from GFI System gives you 3 footswitches in an only 5" by 1.6" footprint to bring further control capabilities to your existing rig without taking up space that could be better used by more noisemakers!  This pedal connects via a standard 1/4" TRS cable and doesn't require power to operate.  The 3 momentary footswitches operate from a normally-open convention just like most standard pedals, so you can be sure the Triple Switch will be compatible with a wide variety of effects.  If you're looking for an external 3 button footswitch that's easy to use and doesn't take up a ton of room, the GFI System Triple Switch could be just what you need.  Check it out today!

News : Starting in July 2018 production batch compatibility with Strymon pedals will be dropped, in favor for full compatibility with other brands.

Type: Effects

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