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Pre-Owned Joyo Tremolo



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You can't beat a great trem for 20 bucks. And that's just what this pedal delivers, Joyo knocked it out of the park with this one. Whether you are looking to add tremolo to an amp that doesn't have it, or you are for more varied tremolo tones this pedal is just what the doctor ordered. Read more below

From the manufacturer:

Product Information

JOYO tremolo guitar pedal achieves the vintage tremolo or surf warble sound with ease. The controls are easy to understand and the features are similar to your favourite guitar amp's layout with a similar circuit design, too.

On the left, a rate knob controls how quickly the volume swells fluctuate, while the right depth knob controls overall dynamics. Tremolo from JOYO also has as important extra for your live playing or recording needs: fortunate for your rhythm sound, the led on/off indicator pulses with the signal modulation rate.

True bypass and solid 1/4-inch connectors make this pedal professional and reliable when it comes to signal integrity, tone and long-term usage.

The sound is understated when the depth is low and somewhere between magical and psychedelic when its all the way up. Rhythm accuracy is increased by the led function, allowing this pedal to perform in a variety of situations, coupled with a delay, behind a chorus, or whatever else you can come up with. The tremolo sound can really add dimension and variety to your sound.

Type: Effects

Vendor: Joyo

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