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J.Rockett Rockaway Archer Overdrive/EQ


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Rockaway Archer Overdrive / EQ

For decades now guitarists have been stacking EQ pedals with their overdrives and dirty amps as a sort of secret weapon and a shortcut to tones not otherwise possible.  The folks at J. Rockett took note of this phenomenon and took it upon themselves to combine their Archer Overdrive (one of their most popular designs) with a super powerful 6 band EQ to bring it to the next level of flexibility and tonal range.  Now thanks to the added tone shaping capabilities of the Rockaway it's easier than ever to tailor the sound to your specific rig and needs.  The EQ offers up to +/- 18dB of boost/cut power that not only helps to dial in your tones, but also acts as a series of extra gain stages so you can drive your amp harder than ever before, and at the specific frequency bands that really make it give up the goods.  Thanks to the nearly infinite combinations available, the Rockaway Archer might end up replacing multiple pedals in your rig!  Come check it out today!

Type: Effects

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