MXR DD25V3 Dookie Drive


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Ever since it was first introduced in early 2019 at NAMM, the MXR Dookie Drive has been flying off the shelves so the folks over at Dunlop decided to bring it back again, this time with new, commemorative artwork from Green Day's newest album, "Father of All..."  This little rocker of a pedal packs two amps' worth of tone into this standard sized pedal format.  Based off of two of Billie Joe Armstrong's heavily modified Marshall amplifiers used during the recording of Green Day's breakout album, "Dookie," the Dookie Drive allows you to blend the sound of two very different amplifiers for new and unique tones.  One side of the pedal, dubbed "Pete," offers a cleaner, mid-focused low to mid gain overdrive tone while the other side, "Meat," offers a thick and mid-scooped high gain tone to give you that low end chunk.  Each circuit inside the pedal has individually adjustable gain controls, with Pete's gain control accessible via a trimpot inside the pedal.  The Blend control rolls between the two amps, with Pete on the left and Meat on the right.  The Scoop button allows you to quickly scoop out all the mids in the signal to get that classic high gain guitar tone working in tandem with the Tone control.  This pedal is mean and will make a fantastic addition to anyone who loves Green Day or just wants a really great sounding and feeling overdrive pedal.

Type: Effects

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