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Archer Boost/OD

The Archer is a clean and transparent low to mid-gain overdrive pedal with a distinctive midrange growl and warmth.  Since its introduction in the '90s the "K" style overdrive has been prized by true tone aficionados for its clarity and mysterious blend of clean and crunchy tones as well as its scarcity.  From the beginning these elusive rectangular overdrives have changed hands for enormous sums of money on the secondary market, and this circuit topology remains one of the most ubiquitous in the modern era for that very reason. 

The folks over at J. Rockett have built a name for themselves as the kings and queens of overdrives, and the Archer is an excellent example of this.  This pedal can range from a truly transparent clean boost all the way to thick, crunchy gain sounds and anywhere in between, and it retains an unusual level of touch sensitivity for a hard-clipping overdrive circuit, really blending perfectly with any level of drive from other pedals or a broken-up amplifier.  When compared to J. Rockett's other best selling "K" style overdrive the Archer Ikon, the Archer has a little bit less gain and low-mid weight than the Ikon, retaining a little more clarity and bite.  If you're looking for a boost or overdrive to add that extra mojo to your sound and prefer things a little on the clearer side, the Archer could be just what you're missing.  Come try one today!


Type: Effects

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