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Instrument Repair


Guild finish touch-up

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The below listed prices are for labor only, and do not include cost of strings or materials. Instruments are worked on in the order that they are received. If you're in need of a quicker turn around, we offer expedited service for an additional 50% of the total labor cost. Please note that on some of the more complex jobs, such as refrets and neck resets, we are unable to offer same day service.

Our luthier, Ian Pender, has over ten years of experience in all aspects of building and repairing both acoustic and electric fretted stringed instruments. You may drop off an instrument for setup or repair at the front desk any time during normal business hours. If you have instrument repair questions, or would like to schedule an appointment to go over your instrument with our luthier, the best way to contact Ian is via email.

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Structural Repairs

Labor rates for bridge reglues and replacements are base prices only; prices may be subject to increase depending on complexity of job, or if additional work is required. For example, on many import guitars, the bridges are simply super glued directly to the finish. In order to ensure a proper bond, the finish beneath has to be carefully removed, in order to achieve a seamless joint. Sometimes, when a bridge pulls loose, it tears material from the top with it. These sections of missing wood may have to be patched, which can also increase labor time, and therefore, cost. A seamless fit between the bridge and top is crucial for proper transfer of string vibration to the sound board, so all old glue residue must be carefully scraped and removed prior to regluing a bridge. Our luthier prefers hot hide glue for most bridge reglues. While its short open time makes it difficult to work with, it dries harder and is less prone to cold creep than aliphatic resin or polyvinyl acetate wood glues. It also shrinks as it dries, pulling the bridge and sound board tightly together for good tonal transfer. Our luthier stocks Indian rosewood and ebony bridge blanks for fabricating replacement bridges, and also has a small stash of other wood options available for special projects.

  • Reglue acoustic bridge - Starts at $140.00 plus materials
  • Fabricate and install new acoustic bridge - Starts at $300.00 plus materials
  • Replace bridge plate - Starts at $325.00 plus materials
  • Patch worn bridge plate - $85.00
  • Fill and reroute saddle slot - $85.00
  • Reglue loose brace - Starts at $80.00

Labor costs for repair work, including crack repairs and headstock reglues, do not include finish touch up. Finish touch ups are available for an additional cost, quoted on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, we do not offer full refinishes.

  • Headstock reglue - Starts at $100.00
  • Crack repair - Starts at $45.00
  • Neck reset - Starts at $450.00
  • Custom inlay - email for quote
  • Finish touch up and repair - email for quote


After years of modding and tinkering with his own instruments, Ian built his first electric guitar from scratch when he was 17. In 2007, Ian attended Vermont Instruments, in Post Mills, Vermont, where he designed and built his first acoustic guitar, a concert sized Manzer wedge. Wanting to further his education in lutherie, Ian traveled to Big Rapids, Michigan, to attend the Galloup School of Lutherie. where he built four more instruments and received extensive training in instrument construction, musical acoustics, and guitar repair and restoration. After graduating from Galloup, Ian worked as a luthier at Saratoga Guitar, in Saratoga Springs, New York, doing minor repair and store stock setups, before relocating to the West Coast in 2011.

Ian has been the in-house luthier here at Five Star guitars since 2012, where he does everything from basic setups and electrical work to more involved projects including (but not limited to): pickup rewinding and building custom pickups to customer specs; structural repairs such as headstock reglues, bridge reglues, crack repairs, and neck resets; custom inlay; fret leveling and refretting, including a handful of 17 and 19 note microtonal conversions; and even custom building entire necks for mandolin/mandola conversions. When he's not working on customer repairs, Ian also designs and builds his own custom instruments. Ian is an FMIC certified warranty tech, Taylor warranty certified, certified Buzz Feiten tuning system installer, and is a member of the Guild of American Luthiers.

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