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Podcast: A Guitar Shop's Guide To...

Welcome to Five Star Guitars' podcast, "A Guitar Shop's Guide To..."  

Guitar players and music enthusiasts will find helpful tips on purchasing, playing, and learning about guitar-related subjects. From wood-sourcing to setup tips, pedal preferences to amp settings, tone tips to buying advice - these guys have it covered. They are gear geeks for sure!

Hosts Nate Mayers and Jeremie Murfin tackle a topic per episode, giving you a rare peek behind the curtains of one of the most successful brick-and-mortar guitar shops in the country.

Also, as an award-winning small business, owner Jeremie Murfin offers insightful perspectives on what it takes to run a growing small business, and is occasionally joined by one of his two business partners, Geoff Metts and Jeep Simonet. Any small business owner or entrepreneur will enjoy an entertaining take on navigating inventory management, developing customer and supplier relationships, best business practices, using 3rd party platforms, handling newly passed legislation, and more.

You'll also frequently see the human side of the biz as the guys often delve into their enthusiasm for music in general, often leading them to touch on topics such as band dynamics, parenting, and spirituality.

Got a question that you want Nate and Jeremie to cover in a future episode? Email us at

Currently available for your listening pleasure on SoundCloud and iTunes.