PRS Guitars Artist Periphery's Mark Holcomb at Five Star Guitars November 27th, 2017

PRS Guitars Artist Mark Holcomb at Five Star Guitars November 27th, 2017

On Monday, November 27, Five Star Guitars will be hosting a special PRS Clinic and PRS Event with Periphery guitarist, Mark Holcomb.

There will be plenty of new Private Stock, Core, S2, and SE models including the new SE Holcomb model, plus PRS amplifiers to see and play. PRS Brand Ambassadors will be on hand to answer questions and chat about the craftsmanship and playability of PRS electrics, acoustics, basses and amplifiers. Of course, you will have the Five Star Guitars team to help with any of your musical needs as well. It is going to be an awesome evening of guitars and good times.

This fun, informative event is FREE and geared toward guitar fans, Periphery fans and anyone into the artistry, craftsmanship and playability behind these beautiful guitars.


The band Periphery has become a force to be reckoned with in the critically acclaimed progressive metal scene thanks to their complex rhythms and soaring melodies. Guitarist Mark Holcomb helps achieve this full, lethal sound with his PRS guitars and signature Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega pickups. The newly released, SE Mark Holcomb, is a culmination of a project with PRS and Holcomb who have worked closely together to develop a truly unique guitar for the SE Series lineup.

“With my SE signature model, we managed to capture all of the defining characteristics of my Maryland-made guitar and turn it into a streamlined, less-costly package. It is an incredibly special instrument, and one that is now the primary focus of my rig in the studio and onstage.” – Mark Holcomb, Periphery

To learn more about Mark’s new SE Signature model, please visit: Q&A with Mark Holcomb
or visit the PRS product page
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