UPS Damage Claim Photos

Please retain all shipping materials in the event that UPS requires an in person inspection until the claim has been approved.


You can either take this package and have it documented at any UPS store or send at least these mandatory 6/7 photos. 

Photo 1: A photo of the damaged item.

Damage Photo

Photo 2: A photo showing the damaged merchandise, inside the original box, with all of the original cushioning (picture should show the placement of the merchandise and packaging inside the box).

Photo 3: A photo of the packaging material used inside the box (e.g. bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, cardboard dividers, etc.).

Photo 4: A close-up photo of the shipping label with tracking number (please zoom in enough to read the tracking number which usually begins with 1Z).

Photo 5 (Optional if none available): A close-up photo of the box manufacturer's certificate (BMC), if available. The BMC is a round stamp that details either the bursting strength of the box or the edge crush rating of the box. The BMC is generally found on a bottom flap on the outside of a corrugated cardboard box.

Photo 6 & 7: Two photos displaying all 6 sides of the package (1 photo should display the top and 2 sides, the 2nd photo should display the bottom and the opposite sides).


More photos are welcome but these 6/7 are mandatory.

Here are a few more that we included with this one to support the damage claim.