We moved! Check it out!

February, 2017 - We Have Moved!

We did it! Thanks to your continued support, we outgrew both our previous locations! As of February, 2017, our new address will be 17305 NW Corridor Ct. Beaverton, OR 97006. The new location is larger than both our former stores combined - allowing room to expand our retail, repair, and lesson services, but all under one roof. In February, 2017, both of our current locations (Tanasbourne and Downtown Hillsboro) closed, and all of our operations have moved under one gigantic roof in the Cornell Home Center.

As the development and build out happen, check back here for updates including photos, videos, and more!



Thanks everyone, for your excitement (and patience) while we continue to set up and decorate!



Time to get movin'

Clearing out Tanasbourne:

Yesterday, this was full of electric guitars....

Hats off to our "moving crew" for their hard work!

Oh man, I'm so glad I'm not Michael today..."Hey, are you done counting all the inventory yet?"

Now, where should I hang this guitar....

As the old sign comes down, stay tuned for a fresh logo on the horizon...

Until the new exterior signs are done, we'll use good ole' fashioned NEON!



Two sides to every wall...

Insulation, to keep us warm (and quiet).

New doors arrived.

And the second side of each wall goes up.

Drywall is done!

Tape and mud, tape and mud.



Getting closer...

Removing the carpet in the repair area:



Ah, now I see it!

It starts with lines on a page.


But it's cool to see your vision become a reality.

Insulation for lesson rooms:


Along the way, we did a little construction work ourselves:

Electricians love red ladders:

And Ian loves his new top for the repair bench:

"Seriously? Paint comes in colors?!?!"

"Maybe we should just tape the uke up there, too..."

Let there be....one....light.....



Building walls...lots of walls

We had a few last minute changes, the night before construction began....

First, they line out the floor plan and frame anchors:

Each piece is cut and shaped to size:

And soon we'll have new lesson rooms...

And a new office and back stock room!

Next come electrical installation and drywall, and that's when it will really start to look like a whole new place...



Moving Day #1

While our Tanasbourne store will remain open until the new location is ready, our Main Street location has already closed and we will have everything completely moved out of it by the end of the year. A big thanks to Chris and the guys from All Service Moving for helping us transfer all of our fixtures safely to Corridor!

Out of Main Street....

And into the new space, at Cornell Home Center (CHC):

But we're only halfway moved...and construction hasn't even begun on our build out...

Next week, walls will go up and the new shop will take shape...exciting times!!



Here's a mock-up of our floor plan:



The wall is almost done!

"Quiet Rock" and good insulation, to keep our neighbors happy:

Tape and seal, tape and seal...

Using masking tape on the floor to map out potential new lesson rooms:



Construction begins!

What used to be a giant furniture store will now house Five Star Guitars and a neighbor...here is the construction process of the wall separating our two spaces.

This was our first tour of the new location:

Tearing out the old wall:

And putting up the new one:



Where will the new shop be?

To get an idea of just how close this new location will be compared to our current Tanasbourne Village location, watch this video to "fly" to the new shop!