1940's Turner 34X Crystal HiZ Microphone


SKU: 21930

This is a 1940's Turner 34X Crystal HiZ Microphone, with original cable, no stand, in excellent condition. Serial #1200. The cable has been repaired - the original 1/4" end is included. The microphone has been tested, the crystal element is intact and all is working as it should. Very little cosmetic wear (light scuffs, pitting, and scratches, please see pictures). This is in truly remarkable condition for its age, and aesthetically it's one of the coolest mics in existence!

It's a crystal element microphone, so it is very low output (HiZ impedance). Objectively, on vocals it is very treble and mid predominant and sounds very thin. Subjectively, it sounds like time travel and is wonderfully cool - traveling back to the 1940's and doing a live AM radio performance cool. These are very sought-after by harmonica players for their distinctive tonality, and by collectors for their amazing style. It is exceedingly hard to find these in fully working, clean condition. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about this prior to purchasing!

Collections: Microphones, Pro-Audio

Type: Microphone

Vendor: Turner

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