2015 Kemper PowerHead 600w Profiling Amplifier


SKU: 16838

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This is 2015 Kemper PowerHead 600w Profiling Amplifier, brand new, with carrying case, warranty, manual. This is the most powerful tool available on the market for amp profiling. Capture the souls of all your favorite amplifiers, recall pristine profiles of them for later use, and gain access to the Rig Manager - a massive online library of factory and community amp profiles of the most sought-after amps of all time. Reamping with one of these next to the board is one of the best experiences possible! A correctly recorded amp profile is nigh unidentifiable from the real thing, and the Kemper PowerHead allows you to take that power seamlessly from the studio to the stage. 600 watts at 8 ohms, 300w at 4 ohms, every conceivable type of I/O on the back. This is a truly revolutionary amplifier that brings limitless sonic possibilities to the home, studio, and stage.


Type: Guitar Amps

Vendor: Kemper