Tom Anderson Drop Top Caramel Maple


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Tom Anderson Drop Top Flame Caramel Maple # 08-30-17P with hardshell case

This stunning Drop Top is undeniably gorgeous- classic lines, wide & even flame without a pickguard obscure any part of the top, a subtle burst that evokes memories of the finest guitars of the 50s and a deep glossy finish that really makes the figure pop. As splendid as it looks, however, the real beauty is revealed when the guitar is played. The maple top adds to the familiar friendly tone of the alder body by focusing the bottom end & extending the treble response thus creating a clearer, punchier sound that has plenty of body but no mud or murkiness. There is a notable sweetness to every note coupled with seemingly endless sustain. So many tones & nuances can be unlocked just by changing picking dynamic that this guitar feels like a conduit to genius. It's seriously that good.

When played through a clean amp the guitar is very articulate but never hard sounding. Funk rhythms, chicken pickin' & arpeggios are dispatched with grace and aplomb. Introduce a little gain and single notes hang forever just dripping with swelling overtones. Crunch rhythms are chunky but never flubby no matter how much distortion or bass is employed while high gain leads really sing & scream. We haven't been able to find anything that this guitar won't do shockingly well. It's pretty amazing. This guitar is going to make someone extremely happy.

The SC1 pickups breathe single coil sparkle in a hum-canceling package while the HN2+ is a fire-breathing dragon- punchy & muscular with plenty of cut yet still very musical. The neck is slim and fast but not too skinny with a consistent feel from the first position all the way up. The contoured heel provides easy access to the upper register. The wedge neck pocket provides more contact area between neck & body and literally locks the neck in place. Fretwork is immaculate & the Buzz Feiten tuning system insures that even the tightest chord clusters play in tune all the way up the neck. Fit & finish are absolutely flawless. 

  • Body Finish -  Honey Shaded Edge/Natural Back
  • Body Wood - Caramel Flame Maple Top on Alder
  • Neck Wood - Chocolate Maple with Rosewood fingerboard
  • Neck Finish - Satin Finish
  • Nut width - 1 11/16 in
  • Scale Length- 25.5"
  • Frets - Heavy
  • Back Shape - Even Taper
  • Hardware - Chrome
  • Bridge - Vintage Tremolo with locking tuners
  • Pickguard - Black
  • Pickups - SC1 SC1 HN2+
  • Switching - 5 Way, Pull Adds Bridge with Splitter
  • Strings- 10-46
  • Weight- 7 pounds 6 ounces (1/17/2018 weighed in at 7 lbs 5 oz)
  • Hardshell case

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