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We wanted to bring in a killer rock guitar for the discerning soloist that would sound great, look fantastic and practically play itself without utterly breaking the bank. While accomplishing that mission doesn't mean cutting corners it does rule out the use of extra fancy woods. With that in mind we started with a tried-and-true foundation of a medium weight alder body with a maple neck. It's a solid recipe that never fails to yield pleasing flavors. The clean tones are sweet and clear while overdriven sounds are chunky but articulate. We added a ziricote fingerboard which imparts a clear, dry voice straddling the middle ground between pau ferro and ebony. We loaded it up with 24 jumbo frets, a Floyd Rose tremolo, a pair of humbuckers for the full palate of rock tones and wrapped body and headstock in an elegant but somewhat understated finish. So far so good. Then the wait for delivery began... Fast-forward several months:

Opening the box always takes us back to being kids at Christmas but the real fun happens when we get to play with the toys! As usual Tom's work has exceeded expectations. This guitar is a monster. Single notes are big and bold with rich overtones. Chords have a solid heft but somehow all the individual notes still ring through clearly. This guitar should sit perfectly in a mix- it's the kind of guitar you won't want to EQ the midrange out of. The H1 neck pickup has a nice full open sound while the HN3+ screams but never sounds shrill. Overall the Angel Player sounds extremely muscular yet is also quite touch sensitive. It's so easy to play and sounds so good. Everything is in there just waiting to come out. 

The neck is slim and fast but not too skinny with a consistent feel from the first position all the way up. The contoured heel provides easy access to the upper register. The wedge neck pocket provides more contact area between neck & body and literally locks the neck in place. Fretwork is immaculate & the Buzz Feiten tuning system insures that even the tightest chord clusters play in tune all the way up the neck. Fit & finish are absolutely flawless. 7 pounds 12 ounces.


Angel Player - Metallic Midnight Blue

  • Alder Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Ziricote Fingerboard
  • Matching Headstock
  • Satin Natural Neck Back
  • 1 11/16-inch Nut Width
  • Jumbo Frets
  • Even-Taper +.030 Neck Back Shape
  • Buzz Feiten Tuning System
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Sunken Locking Tremolo with Locking Nut
  • Locking Tuners
  • H1 HN3+ Pickups
  • 5-Way with Push/Pull for 2 pickups Switching
  • .009-.042 Elixir Strings
  • Hardshell Case included

From the Anderson website-

Angel Player is 24 frets of Anderson excellence established upon a hand-selected, all Tone-wood body.

The “Player” was initially envisioned for the working guitar player who’s practical focus is all about the best tone and handling possible.  But, of course, Angel Player has also become a favorite for its refined 24-fret vintage persona.

Angel Player is an Angel boasting an all Tone-wood body with fully-elevated performance capabilities and time-honored, traditional look.  But that is merely the beginning.  Angel Player was completely designed and refined from the ground up to be a 24 fret "angel" of a guitar with unparalleled abilities.  We gorgeously created and shaped its body lines to allow extended access to the upper frets, via the deeper cut-aways and longer horns, as we simultaneously optimized balance to comfortably hang with you all night long.

As with all Anderson Guitars, Angel is endowed with the best playing guitar necks—Anderson’s legendary, super-fast and ultra-easy playability in a medley of our Even-Taper back shapes.  Feel the freedom.

The absence of pickup rings not only contributes to Angel Player's cleaner and more modern lines but simultaneously serves the higher purpose of maximizing sonic character.  No pickup ring styling enables the neck pickup to nestle nearer the 24th harmonic for the richest “24” neck tone obtainable.  Lush.

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