Mr. Black BloodMoon Blood & Chrome Reverb


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BloodMoon Reverb Pedal

The Mr. Black BloodMoon Blood and Chrome Reverb is a one stop shop for ambient reverbs, from the BloodMoon's warm, mysterious sound to the SuperMoon Chrome's bright, modulated ambient sounds the BloodMoon Blood and Chrome does it all.  This pedal features integrated, footswitchable presets for easy toggling between sounds and also allows you to assign any of the 3 controls to an external expression pedal.  Just turn the knob up to to the EXP marker, plug in any expression pedal, and get expressing!  If you prefer reverbs of the ambient and spacey variety, and have been looking to get more sounds out of your rig the BloodMoon Blood and Chrome is sure to take care of it for you!

Mr Black Blood Moon - Made right here in Portland, OR!

    Type: Effects

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