BOSS Pocket GT


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Pocket GT - Pocket Effects Processor

The Boss Pocket GT is the newest in the Boss line of modeling amps, bringing all the signature Boss tone into an ultra compact and flexible headphone amplifier/practice tool.  This brand new practice aid features full YouTube integration, giving you full control over any YouTube videos from both on the unit and inside the Boss Tone Studio app (iOS/Mac/Android/Windows) so you can focus more on playing than on managing your backing tracks or lessons.  You can even cue up different sections to switch between and repeat, or have the Pocket GT automatically switch presets for you in the middle of your lesson or song.  This unit features Bluetooth audio streaming input so the only wires you'll have to worry about are your headphones and your guitar cable(also has a standard 3.5mm Aux In jack).  The handy Center Cancel function cuts the midrange of your backing track strategically so that your guitar will stick out easily in a dense mix.  The Pocket GT features an integrated rechargeable battery so you can get up to 4 hours of play time on a single charge.  With the Pocket GT and any phone or computer, you have quick and easy access to all of the classic and modern electric guitar tones that you love.  Come pick one up today!

    Type: Effects

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