Tom Anderson Classic - Ocean Turquoise with Hard Shell Case


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Tom Anderson Classic - Ocean Turquoise with Hard Shell Case

From Anderson:

The whole story: When something remains as an unrealized dream for long enough it becomes a fantasy. A fantasy is the belief that there is no such thing in the real world. This is a mindset that surrounds the legend of the "vintage guitar." That it is unobtainable. That you cannot have a vintage instrument that will play like lightning, sing like angels and be reasonably priced. But when we look deeply, we see that this is a mistaken perception and once perception is corrected, bliss returns. Bliss is restored to the musical world in the form of: The Classic.

The Classic is the vintage guitar of your wildest dreams, and beyond, the one you always knew should exist but you were unable to touch in physical form, until now. For a pure vintage vibe, an Alder body is hand-selected and kiln dried to perfection. Alder: Is the first and most popular choice among players, as an alder body bestows it gifts of full and boosted low-mid frequencies accompanied by predominate upper mid prominence. It is these qualities that bring big single coil tones effortlessly forward in the mix, when paired with the right amp for you. Humbuckers enjoy a lower end bump and slightly less all-middle-only tone. 

The defining character of the 60’s Vibe neck is an increase in depth as your hand moves from 1st to 12 fret. With an early 60’s style taper, it is considered a medium-depth neck at the first few frets and becomes a substantial neck when you grab a handful in the upper regions of the fretboard. 

  • -.020 60's Vibe: (affectionately known as 62 Pete) :.815-inch at the first fret to .940 at the 12th fret

At the neck:   Reverse wound VA7 for hum-cancelling configurations.

In the middle: Anderson's most popular vintage series pickups. The VA7's slightly reduced pole piece stagger welcomes a fuller bottom end, with less potential for string rattle.

At the bridge:  Anderson's most popular humbucker, perhaps. Who wouldn’t love a medium-hot output package with all the vintage flavor firmly in place, wound to create a full bouquet of tonalities? Muscular mids with a smattering of lush and soft highlights so it is impressively musical, with never a hint of that “oops, I accidentally sat on a duck,” tone. Beautiful from all tonal angles with plenty of oomph across the tonal spectrum. 


All Anderson guitars are equipped with the Buzz Feiten Design Tuning System. The Feiten system is primarily a visually undetectable structural neck change in combination with slightly altered bridge intonation offsets. It allows your guitar to tune more accurately than you have ever experienced before. The most noticeable benefit is that chords sound more in tune with each other.


Known as the A-Wedgie, Anderson's neck joint is a dynamic leap forward in how a body and neck come together to form the whole. The force that binds the neck to its body is an all new neck to body union known as the A-Wedgie neck joint. This exclusive Anderson designed, A-shaped architecture is completely revolutionary to the electric guitar industry. A fully enclosed neck joint (not open on any side but completely surrounded on all sides by body wood) is, technically speaking, a 3-dimensional trapezoidal wedge . It is this 3-dimensional trapezoidal wedge (the A-Wedgie) structure itself that completely locks the body to the neck. Traditional neck bolts are no longer needed to keep the neck from shifting laterally (sideways).

Another stunner from the benches at AGW. Thanks, Tom! 

Original G&G hard shell case is included. 


As always, this guitar ships fully insured with signature required. 

Guitar Model: The Classic
Body Wood: Alder
Body Finish: Ocean Turquoise
Finishing Options: Gloss: Beautiful High Gloss Finish
Neck Wood: Caramel Maple
Neck Finish: Satin Natural Headstock, Satin Natural Back
Neck Back Shape: 62 Pete
Nut Width: 1 11/16-inch
Frets: Medium-Jumbo
Hardware Color: Chrome
Bridge: Vintage Tremolo
Pickups: VA7R VA7 HC2+
Pickguard: Tortoise Shell
Switching: 5-Way: 3 = M, N+B with Splitter
Strings: .010-.046 Elixir® Strings
Buzz Feiten Tuning System: Yes