Pre-Owned Elk Custom Amp 30 w/ Cabinet


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Pre-Owned Elk Custom Amp 30 w/ 2x10 Cabinet

This item is at Five Star Guitars on consignment, as a result all sales are final

Here we have a unique looking and sounding vintage 1960s era Elk Custom Amp 30 amplifier with matching 2x10 cabinet in great condition.  This is cool little amp stack with tons of mojo.  We recently gave this amp a once over and replaced all the high voltage capacitors as well as the rectifier tube and converted the power supply to a 3 prong grounded plug.  The power tubes are on their last legs but we've kept them as is to leave it up to the buyer about replacing them.  The reverb on this has that classic 60s psych rock sound, and this amp is sure to cut through the mix with its distinctive, bright tone.  The head even slots into the tiltback cabinet via a rail system on the top!  With this amp you're sure to have everyone at the jam doing a double take and asking, "What is THAT?"  Comes with matching footswitch and original lamp-cord speaker cable.


2 x EL84

1 x 6CA4 (EZ81)

1 x 6AQ8 (ECC85)

3 x 12AX7


Type: Guitar Amps

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