Pre-Owned EHX Pitch Fork


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Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork

Unleash your creativity with the EHX Pitch Fork, a versatile pitch shifter that takes your music to new heights. This pedal offers a wide pitch range, allowing you to transpose your instrument's pitch over a remarkable +/- three octave span. Whether you want to go up, down, or both at once, the Pitch Fork has you covered. You can set the pitch shift amount to a fixed interval or control it dynamically with an expression pedal or control voltage.

Intuitive Control for Endless Possibilities

Navigating the Pitch Fork's capabilities is a breeze thanks to its intuitive controls. An 11-position Shift switch lets you select the maximum transposition interval, from subtle detuning to bold octave jumps. A three-position toggle switch determines whether the pitch is shifted up, down, or in both directions. In Dual mode, you get two pitch-shifted signals—one follows the shift knob's setting, while the other creates a harmony, providing you with a wide range of tonal options. The Blend knob balances the dry and effected signals, while an EXP jack allows you to control pitch and glissando with an expression pedal.

Latch or Momentary Mode: Your Choice

The Pitch Fork offers flexibility with its Latch and Momentary modes, which affect how the footswitch and EXP input behave. In Latch mode, the footswitch toggles between effect on and buffered bypass with each press, and the EXP input continuously varies the pitch. In Momentary mode, the effect is only active when the footswitch is held down, entering bypass when released. The EXP input controls the glissando rate in this mode. You can achieve smooth pitch transitions from 4 milliseconds to two seconds, depending on your expression pedal's position.


  • Transposes over a +/- three octave range
  • Three shift modes: up, down, or dual
  • 11-position Shift knob selects the transposition interval
  • EXP input lets you control pitch shift or glissando with an optional expression pedal
  • Latch and Momentary modes affect footswitch and EXP input behavior
  • Power adapter included (9.6VDC-200mA); also runs on a 9V battery
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.75 x 2.1 inches
  • Current Draw: 30mA

This pedal works nicely as intended and is in good condition, exhibiting some moderate external wear and has had velcro applied to the bottom as can be seen in photos. 


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