Pre-Owned Diamond Vibrato Pedal


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Pre-Owned Diamond Vibrato Pedal

Join the bucket brigade!

 The Vib1 from Diamond uses bucket brigade analog delay technology to create a true and dedicated pitch modulating vibrato, with the added bonus of analog chorusing to blend in a dry signal.

Use the Jazz toggle to darken your tone for that sultry vintage taste, and the High toggle to switch into a higher depth range for a more serious pitch-bent flavor.

Diamond themselves want to remind that this pedal is a TRUE vibrato and not a phase shifter or tremolo pedal.


– dedicated true pitch vibrato using MN3007 analog bucket brigade design
– ‘magic-eye’ bi-color LED shows vibrato LFO rate even when bypassed
– true bypass operation
– ultra smooth sinewave LFO
– ‘HIGH’ switch for increased Vibrato depth
– ‘JAZZ’ switch for a darker, ‘vintage’ tone
– extended headroom internal 15V rails, can be operated from guitar and FX loop levels
– all analog circuitry with VIshay JFET’s, Burr-Brown audiophile opamps and Panasonic polyprop caps in the signal path
– variable Chorus control for blending dry signal with pitch shifted signal
– mono in/out operation
– expression pedal control of vibrato depth, allowing the player to manually swell the vibrato effect without changing overall volume
– expression pedal control of vibrato speed
– internally regulated to 15V, can be run from provided 18-24V adapter or from 18V pedal board power supply outputs (including Y-cable powering from 2 9V outputs on most pedal power supplies)
– genuine Hammond cast aluminum 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.3 inch case


This pedal works as described and is in good condition, showing only moderate cosmetic wear that can easily be seen in photos. Includes the original box. 

This item is at Five Star Guitars on consignment, as a result all sales are final.

Type: Effects