Pre-Owned Electronic Orange Pig Hoof Fuzz


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Electronic Orange Pig Hoof Fuzz

Pig Hoof MkII is a sound variant to our well established Pig Hoof, which is a 70's Big Muff Ram's Head clone. Bjorn Riis, the owner of the famous Gilmourian server, who is a happy Pig Hoof user, suggested development of a variant that would offer a limited lower end and gain. Kind of a domesticated Pig Hoof. 

Bjorn's explanation on MkII:

"What we did was essentially cutting the low end to eliminate most of the low frequency rumble. We’ve also rolled off the gain considerably, which resulted in much less fizzy overtones. The pedal is very easy to setup and blends perfectly with boosters and overdrives. This was very important for me because you can’t really add mid range to a ram’s head circuit without changing its tone. However, pairing a Muff up with a booster evens out the frequencies and ultimately make the tubes and speakers produce more mid range and compression. 


    • 9V battery is included inside, and accessible via fancy, old-fashioned battery door
    • 4 removable rubber feet
    • true bypass switching that won't pop
    • foot switch by Cliff
    • low capacity jack sockets by Cliff
    • extremely durable battery clips by Cliff
    • top quality Panasonic Low Voltage capacitors where needed
    • thick wires for the maximum sound fidelity and overall durability
    • firm and durable internal design

 This pedal works as intended and is in very good condition, showing only light external wear and has had velcro applied to the bottom, as can be seen in photos. Comes with original box. 



Electronic Orange 


Pig Hoof 




1 x ¼”


1 x ¼”







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Type: Effects