Pre-Owned Vintage Plush P1000S All Tube Amp Guitar Head - Red


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Plush P1000S Tube Amp Head 

Designed similarly to a Fender Twin Reverb amp and almost exactly a Earth Super Guitar G-2000, the P1000s has four 5881wxt tubes, Accutronics brand reverb tank, and tremolo. Circa 1970's, this head is punchy, powerful and LOUD. It's a great clean platform to build off of with buckets and buckets of head room. Will operate at either 4 or 8ohm speaker out. 

Newest pot code is 47th week of 1969 so likely a 1970 amp.
Filter caps have been replaced with IC brand.
Upgraded to 3 prong IEC power cable.

As this is a vintage item, there is some wear to the tuck-and-roll covering, all of the buttons are in tact but there is some fabric peeling up at the back as well as a small burn of some kind on the top. It is missing the back grill tube guard and all preamp cans. Bottom plate screw holes in wood are fairly stripped but do hold.

This item is at Five Star Guitars on consignment, as a result all sales are final.



Type: Guitar Amps