Pre-Owned 1967 Fender Vibro Champ



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This vintage 1967 Fender Vibro Champ model AA764 is very clean for its age and near stock including the original two prong power cord.

Year of 1967 was verified at speaker and transformer codes. Choke is '66.

At some point someone added a H&H Music badge attached on top and swapped out one of the 25MFD25V Mallory Cap for a 50MFD50V 1950's style Mallory Cap. Power switch is vintage but likely not original as it has been riveted on. Everything else inside appears original. All Vintage Tubes are V1&V2=Great Britain Realistic Lifetime 12ax7, V3=JAN GE 6v6GTA, and V4=DeVry Tech. By Sylvania 5Y3GT.


We brought up slow on the Variac and there is a very slight hum while at rest. As you play it sounds amazing but turning volume up to 5 or higher there is a little audible coil rub when you hit hard bass notes. No visible rips in the cone but there is one drop of glue that trickled. Intensity knob looks newer than rest and the shaft is barely bent.

Cosmetically in Very Good condition with one small ding in the top corner and typical vintage dirt.

Type: Guitar Amps

Vendor: Fender