Bednar Pendleton 10w


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Bednar Pendleton 10w #011

Bednar is back with the Pendleton 10w #011! This spunky little power house is the big brother to the previous Pendleton 5w, with more power, head room, and tonal pallet. The Pendleton 10w features a 600v Hammond power transformer suitable for kt88, kt77 (Mr. Bednar's preference), 6550, and el34.  #011 features a special Classic Tone output transformer, which is one of the last of its kind! Another feature on this amp is the line out level (small knob on the back) which allows you to really dial how hard you’re pushing the next amp in line

Controls for the Pendleton 10w are very straight forward, featuring a volume (big) and gain (small) knob on the front.  The Pendleton 10w uses a 4/8 speaker out: about 10w into 4 ohms and 8w into 8 ohms. Let's not forget , the line out has a load, so no speaker necessary when running line out into another amp, leaving you to experiment even more with finding your favorite tone to get out of this mighty little amp! 

Whether you're looking for a good clean breakup, punchy rock goodness, or heavy fuzz-like distortion, the Bednar Pendleton 10w is sure to be a secret weapon in your rig. Get it before it's gone!!

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Type: Guitar Amps