Bednar Pendleton 10w #020


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Bednar Pendleton 10w #020

We get a lot of amps in the shop that try to straddle the line between form and function, but none do it quite like the Pendleton amps from Bednar Amplification.  Wrapped in genuine Pendleton blanket material these amps look like nothing else out there and have the tone to match!  It's not often you have a little amp with such a big sound, but Bednar amps have made it a hallmark of their designs. 

Featuring a tube lineup of just a Tung-Sol KT120 and JJ ECC83S 12AX7 to power it, this amp packs more punch than a lot of amps twice its size thanks to its oversized Hammond and Edcor transformers and high powered output tube selection.  This amp can cover everything from clean to mean with its easy and intuitive control set. the big knob is your volume control, while the two little ones control Mid Scoop/Treble bleed (it’s a dual gang pot that adjusts both simultaneously) and Gain to add more versatility across the volume pot’s sweep. 

The tones that live in this amp range from full, high headroom clean tones through to crazy, wall of fuzz style tube distortion.  It packs 10 watts of output power that should easily keep up with a band in any small to moderate sized venue with a 1x12 and can really push some air with a bigger cabinet.  While it is a super versatile little head, these little Pendleton 10Ws really excel in those edge of breakup and crunchy tones.  Plus, if you already have amps whose sounds you really like but you want to add some of the loose, wild saturation of the cranked Bednar you can thanks to the line out jack on the back and a load resistor on the back so it can be used without a speaker.

Just plug any instrument cable into the front end of the amp and the line out jack on the Bednar and you’re good to go!  It’s hard to believe that they pack so much tone into such a tiny package, but this amp is truly one of the best deals out there for a custom, hand wired tube amp made right here in Portland, OR.  There’s no better single ended grab-and-go amp on the market, and truly nothing else that sounds like it.  Come try one today and give your sound a bit of that Portland flair!




Pendleton  #020








1 x KT120

1 x 12AX7


8 Ohms




1 x 1/4"


1 x 1/4" Speaker Out

1 x 1/4" Line Out


Mid Scoop/Treble Bleed, Volume, Gain, Line Out Level (on back)


Line Out


8.75" x 9" x 6.75"


11.6 Lbs.




This item is at Five Star Guitars on consignment, as a result all sales are final.

Type: Guitar Amps