Bednar Pendleton 10w KT88


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Bednar Handwired Pendleton 10w Amp Head KT88 SN: 015

Behold! Bednar's new take on the Pendleton is 10w w/ KT88, single ended, Volume, gain, 4 or 8 ohm.  This tiny powerhouse features a 750 volt Hammond power transformer, which means KT88 or 6550 only for output tube selection. However, the preamp can run almost any 9pin preamp tube: 12ax7, 12ay7, 12at7, 12au7 if that's the flavor you're looking for.  

As for the controls, this amp is very simple with a Volume (big) and gain (small) knobs on the front, and a negative feedback knob on the back which unlocks some of the special sauce that lives within this elegant monster. The speaker jack is 12w with a 4 ohm load (cleaner and a little louder), 10w with an 8 ohm load (little more crunch and compression, but a little quieter). The line out has a load! No speaker is necessary when running line out into another amp. Essentially you can use this thing as a giant pedal!

If you're looking for a small, portable head with MASSIVE tone, the Bednar 10w is the amp for you!

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Type: Guitar Amps