Pre-Owned 2011 PRS SC-58 with original hardshell case

Paul Reed Smith - PRS


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This gorgeous Paul Reed Smith came to us on consignment. Its most prominent feature is of course  the stunning flame maple top but there's a lot more going on beyond the pretty face. It's a surprisingly light weight guitar for it's size & depth- at 8 pounds 9 ounces it's not just easy on the eyes but on the shoulder and back as well. Most importantly, however, this is a great sounding guitar. It's clear & articulate with a remarkable degree of touch sensitivity. When played softly it displays a great deal of breath but if you dig in it screams & roars. 57/08 pickups provide great vintage tone. Playability is everything we expect from PRS. The guitar is all stock with no issues. The guitar is very clean with the exception of some almost invisible pick hazing below & behind the neck pickup and a single shallow belt buckle mark on the back that goes from the switch cover back about 2.5". It only shows at the right angle but can be seen in photo 16. Includes original hardshell case.


Type: Electric Guitars

Vendor: Paul Reed Smith - PRS