Pre-Owned Ovation Viper


SKU: 41999

This guitar is in our shop on consignment.

If you are looking for a unique guitar with a great range of tonal possibilities look no further. The guitar's pickups are telecaster-esque in their sound and range. Able to get very nice clean tones, but don't be fooled as these pickups can really bite when overdriven or distorted.

The guitar plays well, low action and some light fret wear. There is some light scratching on the back, minor cracking on the pick-guard near the output jack.

There is a small bit of cracking in the finish near wear the headstock and neck meet on the bass side and there is also some finish wear on the lower bout's bass side (both of which are visible in the included photos.)

Guitar comes with original hard shell case.


Type: Electric Guitars

Vendor: Ovation