Fender Machete Combo Amplifier



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This amp is in our shop on consignment and is a very unique and exciting amplifier to play.

The Fender Machete offers incredible clean tones that Fender lovers would expect great crunchy over driven tones and also has some of the heaviest, hardest-driving, distorted tones you'll ever hear out of a Fender amplifier. The front panel on this two-channel amp has many great controls and features to explore. Each channel has a 3-band EQ as well as a notch knob which allows for unique control over your mid-range whether you are running single-coils or humbuckers. It also features great sounding reverb, damping control, pull bright on the gain and pull boost on the volume (channel 1 only.)

The back panel features an effects loop, a PA mute, an XLR out. 

The amplifier is in very good condition with only a few very small scratches on the front panel near the input jack. Purchase of the amp does include casters and the four-button footswitch.

NOTE: Because this item is in our shop on consignment it is not eligible for returns after purchase.


Type: Guitar Amps

Vendor: Fender