Steggo Thagomizer I SE


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Steggo Thagomizer I SE

About Steggo Studios:

Steggo Studios is dedicated to producing unique and fun guitar and bass effects pedals at a reasonable price. Steggo tends to focus on cloning vintage, boutique, modified, or other out of production pedals that are typically out of the reach of the average buyer. All Steggo pedals are hand made in Oregon – often with a fun dinosaur themed enclosure. Steggo circuit boards are a mix of commercially produced and hand-etched through-hole boards. All electrical components in Steggo pedals are either purchased from the best available modern source or are certified vintage parts.

Thagomizer I Silver Edition

Love vintage boost pedals, but don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for an original? Do you love that vintage sound, but find modern solid state SMD copies don't capture the feel of the original? Want to use an 18V boost pedal, but don't want to use boutique power supplies or multiple 9V batteries? Then the "Thagomizer I" is the pedal for you!

Starting with the AionFX Nucleus board, the Thagomizer I is a clone of the Colorsound Power Boost using all vintage components in the signal train - New Old Stock (NOS) original Iskra resistors, tropical fish film capacitors, a ceramic capacitor, and axial electrolytic capacitors. This is the top-of-the-line Thagomizer configuration that Steggo uses on his own pedal board!

The Power Boost circuit itself runs on 18V thanks to the on-board charge pump included on the Nucleus PCB. The charge pump uses all modern components to provide clean power to the effect. Because of the charge pump, the Thagomizer will run off of either a conventional 9V power supply or a 9V battery (neither is included).

Normally the Iskra resistor version of the Thagomizer I is in an Army Green enclosure, but this special run is in the silver enclosure with black anodized aluminum knobs.



Steggo Studios


Thagomizer I - Silver Edition


Boost / Overdrive


1 x ¼”


1 x ¼”




Yes (not included – can run off of DC jack or battery)




2.6” X 4.8”


~1 LBS


Box, Care and Feeding Instructions, Packing Dino





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Type: Effects