Pre-Owned 1972 Gibson SG Deluxe



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This guitar is in our shop on consignment. 

Give yourself a jolt of classic 70s swagger with this cool 72 Gibson SG Deluxe. SGs have a long history as go-to guitars for heavy rock and roll and this guitar is a great example of that legacy. At just under 7 pounds it's a nice light guitar that's a pleasure to play. It's got that classic sing with plentiful overtones. Sound is fat but clear whether plugged in or played unamplified. 

It's surprisingly original- milk bottle Grover rotomatic tuners, tunematic bridge, Gibson branded Bigsby, frets, nut, strap buttons, knobs, pointers, screws, pickup rings, pickguard & control plate... everything except the switch cap. Pots date to 35th week of 1971 & all solders are intact. There's still undisturbed lacquer on the sides of the nut & neck binding. 3-piece mahogany neck with volute shows no repairs, breaks or signs of stress cracks. There is some finish sinking on the bass side of the neck-to-body joint & a faint unsightly run but black light shows no touch-up or signs of refinishing.

Though it's been unmolested this guitar has been played a LOT in its 46 years. This is a player's guitar to be sure. There are numerous dings throughout but they are generally in the finish rather than into the wood. There is a sizable ding just past the spine on the bass side of the neck at the 9th fret and another on the body edge at the apex of the arm contour but that's it. Light lacquer crazing is present as usual as well as some swirling from fabric contact on the back. Frets 1-9 show significant wear but are still functional with enough meat left to crown. 1.62" nut width is typical for Gibsons of this period.

Includes molded Roadrunner rectangular hardshell case in very good condition.

Weight 6 lbs, 14 oz.


Type: Electric Guitars

Vendor: Gibson