Pre-Owned Fender G-Dec Thirty


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Pre-Owned Fender G-Dec Thirty

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From the manufacturer:

G–DEC® 30 Guitar Digital Entertainment Center is an upgraded version of the award-winning, mega-popular original G–DEC®. Like the original, it includes everybody in the band but you! Inside G–DEC 30 you will find a versatile drummer, skilled bass player and flexible accompanist for virtually any style of music. And for you, the guitarist: G–DEC 30 is a warehouse of amplifiers and effects, and what’s better—these are ready for your sound check! Turn the G–DEC 30 Data Wheel to access a diverse collection of band setups. 50 permanent Presets furnish a diverse collection always available to you. Another 50 rewritable Presets store the bands that you create for your music and playing style. G–DEC 30 is the ultimate practice tool whether you are just starting out or playing professionally. As a beginner, you can have an instructor plug into the rear input. To learn a new song you can plug your CD or MP3 player into the G–DEC 30 and play along. For difficult licks you can record a phrase and play it in a continuous loop—at half speed if necessary! Seasoned players enjoy G–DEC 30 as a songwriting partner or jamming buddy

Type: Guitar Amps

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