Pre-Owned TC Electronic Corona Chorus


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Pre-Owned TC Corona Chorus

This TC Electronic Corona Chorus is in great condition and is ready to add some wobble to your tone!  This pedal features the classic 3 knob chorus controls of Level, Speed, and Depth but adds a super useful Tone control for helping manage your high end.  This chorus features 3 switchable chorus modes so you can dial in whatever type and level of modulation that you're looking for.  The traditional Chorus model is a nice middle of the road chorus tone covering everything from super slow all the way up to lightning fast modulation tones.  The Tri-Chorus mode captures all the sounds of the classic TC Stereo Chorus + Modulator from the 80s with the modern convenience of stereo ins and outs and the innovative TC Electronic signature Toneprint feature, allowing you to swap presets on the fly and change parameters you don't even normally have access to on the pedal alone, complete with a full featured desktop app client.  If you're looking for a great, flexible, and clean sounding chorus pedal at a great price, the TC Electronic Corona is just the thing for you!

Type: Effects

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