Pre-Owned Vintage 1963 Fender Jazzmaster with Hard Shell Case



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This is a great piece of history that has been slightly altered to make it a real players example while retaining most of the original components.

Out of case and without Trem bar this "Good" condition vintage '63 Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar weighs in at 8.03 lbs, has seen much play, and sounds amazing. 

Year: 1963 was substantiated via potentiometer dates and neck stamp.

Tuning Keys: Tuners are single line ‘Kluson Deluxe’ stamped with Patent number stamped into bottoms, indicating that they were manufactured between 1958 and 1963. Interestingly, the high E string tuner does not have points next to the screw tab. It instead has a partial screw mounting hole on either side. Although this tuner appears to have been installed a long time ago this tuner was replaced at some point in the past, as there is a shadow where the correct high E string tuner would have originally covered.

Bridge: Bridge is original, in fair condition with some minor pitting. At least 4 of the twelve saddle height screws have been replaced. Saddles appear original. Bridge cover is missing.

Trem: Trem plate is in good condition and includes the correct trem arm.

Neck: Condition of neck finish is quite good, aside from some play wear along the back of the neck. Small ding on under edge between the 1st and 2rd fret.

Frets: First two frets have some significant pitting, frets at 14th-16th are pretty flat so some muting on full bends on plain strings in the upper position, but all appear to be original.

Neck: Neck stamp reads 4Oct63B, indicating that it is a Jazzmaster neck, made in October of 1963, with a 1 ⅝” nut width. The long scale of 25.5” neck has a Brazilian rosewood ‘veneer’ style board with 10 “clay” dots in 9 positions, and a large headstock shape that is common on necks made during this period. Depth measures .814" at the first fret and .866" at the 12th.

Truss: Truss rod adjusts correctly and nut is not stripped. 

Body: Horn strap button hole has been moved and re-drilled.

Finish: Black over red finish on body appears original but has been deglossed. Body finish has a fair amount of wear, specifically in area of arm bevel and on the back in the ‘belt buckle’ area. 

Pickguard: Pickguard is original, but in poor shape. Tip of pickguard next to output jack has broken loose and is only held in place by its mounting screw. Another section of pickguard, roughly 2.5” x 1.5” has also broken loose underneath the bass side of the bridge. An attempt was made to super glue this back together at some point in the past. Pickguard has also been modified around pickups; pickup cutouts have been crudely enlarged by hand. There are also eight new holes drilled in the pickguard, four surrounding the neck pickup, and four surrounding the bridge pickup. Spacing is too tight to accommodate a standard size humbucker ring, but it’s possible that these holes are the result of a previous aftermarket pickup swap. A homemade pickguard protector has been fashioned out of ⅛” plexiglass, this covers most of the pickguard, aside from the volume, tone, and rhythm circuit. It has a series of mounting holes that line up with seven of the original pickguard’s mounting screw holes. These mounting screws have been replaced with seven longer aftermarket screws. The remaining six pickguard mounting screws are original.

Electronics: Electronics are mostly original.Tone pot is a Stackpole, stamped 304-6336, indicating that it was manufactured in the 36th week of 1963. Volume pot is stamped 1378312, indicating that it was made in the 12th week of 1983 by CTS. Rhythm circuit volume and tone are both stamped 3046328, indicating that they were manufactured by Stackpole, 12th week of 1963.

Pickups: Neck and Bridge pickups are both original and functional, measuring out at 7.4K and 8.08k ohms respectively. However, both pickups have been removed in the past, and have had their original leads clipped very short; only an inch of their original cloth-jacketed leads remain and extension has been spliced in to reach controls. Original black pickup foam has been replaced with green foam. Condition of other electronic components looks good. Pickup covers are both original. Three of the four bridge pickup mounting screws are also original, with one having been replaced. Two of the original neck pickup mounting screws have been replaced with larger flat head screws, the other two are missing entirely.

Controls: Control knobs have been replaced; pickup selector switch tip has been replaced. All installed electronics work well. 

Case: Hard Shell Case looks original. It closes well but has heavy wear outside and typical wear inside for this vintage but orange is very bright in most spots. Has all 4 feet. Unlocked and no key.

Type: Electric Guitars

Vendor: USED