Pre-Owned Keeley Cosmic Country Phaser


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Keeley Cosmic Country Phaser


Introducing Cosmic Country Phaser: A Sonic Journey

Crafted Excellence and Sonic Artistry For a pedal to be truly remarkable, it needs the perfect blend of dependability, flexibility, and durability, coupled with that unique Keeley touch that transforms circuits into sonic marvels. The Cosmic Country phaser epitomizes this synergy, as endorsed by musician Daniel Donato. With the ability to translate the musical visions of artists into an auditory masterpiece, Keeley's Cosmic Country phaser is an embodiment of pure sonic artistry.

Sonic Bliss through Versatile Modes Immerse yourself in a universe of sound with the Cosmic Country phaser's three musical modes. Each mode captures the essence of a new phase, offering a sonic journey like no other. With the option of two, four, or six stages of phasing, your tonal center of gravity takes on a vibrantly textured character. The low-frequency oscillator within the phaser adds a wave-like quality to your sound trajectory, creating captivating filter sweeps that enchant the ears. Control the depth of these enchanting EQ settings with the Depth knob, allowing you to tailor your tonal experience to perfection. Whether you prefer the gentle ebb and flow of Low and Slow or the powerful surge of Fast and Deep, the Rate control puts the cosmic reins in your hands. Adding to the allure is the Feedback feature, which infuses your output with recycled waves of lush tone, elevating your musical voyage.

Crafted to Perfection and Built to Last With over 18 years of expertise and more than 100 different pedals under their belt, Keeley celebrates their journey in crafting the Cosmic Country phaser. This pedal is not just an effect; it's a testament to a legacy of tone-crafting mastery. Crafted for excellence and longevity, the Cosmic Country phaser's stunning tone is poised to enrich your musical endeavors for countless years to come.


  • Modes: Three musical modes for versatile phasing
  • Stages: Option of two, four, or six stages of phasing
  • Low-Frequency Oscillator: Creates wave-like sound trajectory
  • Depth Control: Tailor EQ settings to desired depth
  • Rate Control: Customize phasing speed and range
  • Feedback Feature: Infuses output with recycled waves of lush tone
  • Craftsmanship: Reflects over 18 years of pedal-crafting expertise
  • Built: Crafted for enduring quality and tonal excellence

This pedal works nicely as intended and is in very good condition, exhibiting only very gentle external wear as can be seen in photos.  Box, manual and sticker are included. 



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Type: Effects