Pre-Owned Kramer Paul Dean Given to Tom Weber from Eddie Van Halen


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Pre-Owned TS 1988 Kramer Paul Dean

Here's one straight from Mr. Mean Streets, Eddie Van Halen himself with a phenomenal story behind how it ended up in Tom Weber's hands, to Tom landing a once in a lifetime job opportunity, to finding its way into our shop. 

You are looking at a 1988 Kramer Paul Dean signature guitar that was given to EVH's guitar tech, Tom Weber, over 30 years ago. Little did Tom know at the time that the guitar was given to him, that he would end up being the right hand man behind Eddie’s rig and setup. While working as a sound technician in Tennessee in the 1980s, Weber learned that Van Halen had recently damaged an acoustic guitar on tour — rumored to be a gift from Heart’s Nancy Wilson. He arranged to meet the guitarist backstage after a gig and presented him with an Ovation steel stringed acoustic from his personal collection as a replacement, a gesture of goodwill that stuck with Van Halen. Two weeks later, Weber received the surprise of a lifetime: the Kramer on his doorstep, signed by Van Halen with a heartfelt note of thanks.

 “The Kramer represents the very beginning of my relationship with Ed,” said Weber. “I was lucky enough to develop a friendship with him, eventually winning my dream job — becoming his guitar tech from 2007 right up until 2020. He was a true original, and so was this gift he gave me. I’ve treasured this guitar for many years and now it is time for it to become the prized possession of another collector.”

The guitar is in fantastic shape, with a couple of minor dings in the finish, not to mention a custom vinyl pin-striping that appears to be put on by hand. 

The guitar  includes unique memorabilia such as a 1988 guitar pick gifted from Van Halen, a laminated Sound Engineer pass, and a 1988 tour pass from the show where the two men first met. The gem inside the case is a hand-written note from Van Halen with his 1988 contact information and a signed, multipage letter from Weber that reveals the entire history of the guitar and his tenure with the band.

This without a doubt an incredible collector's piece that you do not see everyday, is certainly one that gives you goose bumps as soon as you open the case. We hope that this gem finds its way to a good home and brings joy and appreciation to its future owner as this is one seriously cool and rare piece of gear.

Long live the King!

This item is at Five Star Guitars on consignment, as a result all sales are final.

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