EHX-2020 Tuner Pedal


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Compact size. Compact price.

A good tuning pedal is an integral part of a gigging guitar player's pedal board. Not only does it ensure your instrument is in tune with the rest of the band, it also mutes your instrument in between songs, making sure no unwanted noise gets into the mix. 

Electro-Harmonix knows that every guitar player should have a reliable tuner on their board, more importantly, one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. For those reasons they have released the EHX-2020 tuner, a compact tuner with a ton of features built in. It has a tuning range of B0 to B7, and is adjustable between 436-445Hz. It also comes with 3 flat tuning modes so you can tune either a half, full or a minor third down. All that, and it's under 40 dollars.


• Chromatic pedal tuner with a tuning range of B0 to B7
• True bypass allows your input sound to be output with no change or coloration
• The pedal’s output is muted when the tuner is engaged which makes it ideal for live performance
• Accuracy: +/- 1cent
• Calibration: 436-445Hz (1 Hz steps)
• Three flat tuning modes

Type: Effects

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