EHX BASS9 Bass Machine


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BASS9 Bass Machine

For too long guitarists have had the problem of finding someone to play bass for them so they can rock out and noodle away.  Well, no longer, thanks to the Electro Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine.  The BASS9 makes it easier than ever before to lay down high quality, realistic bass tracks without having to invest in a dedicated bass rig (or strain your hands with those thick strings for that matter).  With its new Split Bass mode, you can even play a bass line on the lower strings while playing your melody on the higher 4, and the pedal will know to only pitch the lower notes down and to keep the higher ones as is, opening up new possibilities for solo performance.  As the name suggests, the BASS9 packs 9 iconic bass sounds into a single guitar pedal, even offering 2 variable controls that change function based on which mode is selected.  To finish it all off, this pedal features dual outputs so that you can process your dry and bass signals separately for full control over each sound.  Unlike some other guitar synthesizers, the BASS9 (and the entire EHX 9 Series of pedals) does not require any modifications to your existing gear to use it.  You simply plug your guitar into the input and you're good to go!  The BASS9 is sure to deliver all the authentic bass tone you need while letting you focus on what's important: playing!

Type: Effects