EHX Mainframe Bit Crusher


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Electro Harmonix Mainframe Bit Crusher

When you're looking for your guitar to make non-guitar sounds and all the other pedals are just a little too musical or normal for your tastes, the only thing that will sufficiently destroy your signal is a full on Bit Crusher like the Electro Harmonix Mainframe.  Bit Crushing is reducing the sample rate of an audio recording, effectively decreasing the resolution of the signal, like downgrading a picture or video from 4k to standard definition, degrading the sound in unique and interesting ways. 

The Mainframe offers a full range of controls over the sample reduction, taking you from 48kHz or 48,000 Hz resolution (slightly higher than CD quality) all the way down to 110 Hz, giving you completely new and nasty distortion sounds from the aliasing (inaccuracies in high frequency sampling as sample rate decreases).  Further increasing the range of control you have is the Bit Depth control, controlling the size of the samples taken from 24 bits down to 1 bit chunks.  Higher bit depths can more accurately reproduce a greater dynamic range (range between the loudest and quietest sounds), so decreasing the bit depth increases the number of sample rate errors, resulting in the sci-fi bleeps and bloops that you just can't get from other types of pedals. 

The Filter section offers three frequency band selections and full control over the center frequency and peak height or amplitude of the filter section, allowing you to really dial in your tones.  The pedal also offers storable presets and full use-assignable expression pedal control over all the knobs.  This pedal even includes a 9V DC power supply so you can get crushing as soon as possible.  Get weird today with the Electro Harmonix Mainframe!

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Type: Effects