EHX Pitch Fork +


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Pitch Fork®+ Polyphonic Pitch Shifter / Harmony Pedal

The Pitch Fork + is Electro-Harmonix's newest pitch shifting pedal, and boy is it a whopper!  This pedal takes everything you loved from the Pitch Fork and pumps it up a few notches.  You liked having one pitch shifting voice?  Try 2, with independent level knobs for each as well as for your dry signal.  You wanted presets?  Here, have 100 slots, go for it.  Wanted a little more range?  You can shift up or down up to 3 octaves on each voice now, and can switch between settings on the fly with the configurable user footswitch.  The pedal features full expression and control voltage (CV) control capabilities for its Glissando, Frequency, and Volume controls, assignable in the pedal.   The pedal features dual outputs so that you can route your signal however you desire, and even has an input for 3 button external footswitches like EHX's Triple Foot Controller (sold separately), further expanding the amount of control available at the tap of your feet.  As if all that wasn't enough, they even went and included a power supply.  If you've been looking for a new single or dual pitch shifter, harmony, or octave pedal, the Pitch Fork + is sure to meet your needs and then some.

Type: Effects