EHX Triangle Big Muff Reissue Fuzz


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Triangle Big Muff Pi Distortion / Sustainer

You asked for it, they listened.  After years of people saying, "You know which Big Muff you should REALLY bring back..." EHX decided to remake the one that started it all.  Originally the Guild Foxey Lady Fuzz and rebranded as the EHX Axis Fuzz, the Triangle Big Muff is the first time we saw what we think of when we think of the Big Muff pedal with its distinctive 3 knob layout. 
So named for its pyramidal knob configuration atop a plain silver case, the Triangle Big Muff brings all of that creamy sustain and body with sizzling high end and scooped midrange on tap but to a more compact and pedalboard-friendly package without losing any of the massive tone while also adding modern features like standard 9V DC power jack and true bypass switching.  If you've spent days or weeks looking at pages like the Big Muff Page and don't know where to start to get that classic EHX Fuzz tone, start with the one that began it all.  The Triangle Big Muff is sure to satisfy even the most discerning fuzz fan.

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