Mr. Black Mini Flanger


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Mini Flanger Pedal

The Mr. Black Mini Flanger packs oodles of classic flanging tones into one mini-sized pedal.  Flanger is the sound of 70s and 80s modulated rock guitar, giving you those big, whooshing, jet plane sounds that we all know and love.  The Mini Flanger can take you from subtle, chorus-y sounds all the way to full on swirling howls of robotic sounding feedback.  The Width knob changes the amplitude of the oscillations, while the Rate controls their speed and the Recycle knob allows you to dial in just the right amount regeneration for your tone.  When old-school flanger tones are what you need and you need a small footprint, the Mr. Black Mini Flanger is all you need and then some.

Made right here in Portland, OR!

    Type: Effects

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